Who are the top Knitwear designers in 2020 ?

The world of knitwear is fascinating and some talented designers have dedicated their art to it. In this article, I’d like to tell you about the story of 3 of them, who participate in bringing the ancestral art of knitting to a contemporary level. Each of them has his particular way of embracing the knitwear style, and all of them do it in a great way. Let’s find out more about them.

Genevieve Sweeney

The brand was born in 2015 and was given the name of its creator who, after having worked for a few year within the knitwear industry across the globe decided to fly with her own wings, placing local and hand-finished manufacturing at the heart of her philosophy.

Regarding the style, Genevieve brings us into a world of clean lines and geometric designs that are her brand’s signature. As she defines it herself on her website “complex jacquards and metallic accents sit amongst muted tones and natural fibres for timeless unisex pieces that defy seasonal trends.”

Genevieve uses ecological and sustainable blends that come from both UK and Italy. Natural fibres, attention to details and ethical consciousness are the three pillars around which her brand is built. Her creations lean towards a fresh and innovative way of doing business and enabling creativity.

Gudrun & Gudrun

Hand knitting is an art, and Gudrun & Gudrun have made it their own. In 2002, two Faroese women created the brand with the purpose to make a difference. To achieve this goal, they’ve always come back to their homeland after travelling to Europe, as this was of utmost importance for the creativity to remain in their environment.

There vision was to create knitted clothes that meet the modern standards of consciousness regarding people, environment while being stylish.
All the clothes sold by Gudrun & Gudrun are made in the Faroe Islands, Jordan and Peru.


From Faroe Islands, let’s now move to Georgia. This is where Lalo and Nina Dolidze founded LaloCardigans back in 2012. Similiarly to Gudrun & Gudrun, all the clothes they produce are unique and handmade.

Lalo, the creative director, came first with this idea that was obsessing her for quite a long time, as she was wearing her own knitted cardigans while dreaming of launching her own brand.

Her sister Nina encouraged her to pursue her dream and make it come true, this is how they founded LaloCardigans. Nature is their main inspiration source : the use the beautiful shapes and silhouettes found in the marvels of nature to compose their cardigans.

They encountered an instant success and are enjoying the fame they deserve for their talent.


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