The top 5 best Knitwear for Winter 2020

When talking about knitwear, it is hard to think of an article that is not comfortable and cosy. Whether it is about pullovers, jumpers, or the fashionable knitted dresses, the first thing that comes in mind is comfort and fashion at the same time. The soft fabric, together with the unbeatable styles of these special items are the perfect combo for a night out in the crowded London in autumn time. A perfect comfortable knitted dress with amazing patterns paired with a loose cardigan in a different tone and a pair of boots is a look that anyone will admire. But of course, it is hard to make a choice when you have so many good and fashionable options, that is why we made this top 5. Let’s get to it!



This one is the absolute star of every season. Knitted dresses are so easy to wear, thigh or loose, bodycon or skater dress, short or long, they come in so many styles and patterns that it is hard not to find something on your taste.

Number 2 : The Oversize Loose Knitted Jumper


Easy to style, comfortable, fashionable, let’s face it, jumpers will never go out of fashion that is why every wardrobe needs them. Jumpers can be stylish as well as functional and you have lots of colours and patterns available to play with, depending on your personal taste, you can have a look on our section and choose the style you like the most.


Number 3 The Long and Loose Knitted Cardigan

Long and Loose Knitted Cardigan

Play with contrasting lengths. A short skirt looks fantastic with a long cardigan. Cinch your waist with a cropped cardigan, high waisted pants, or a belt – it's a cute way to look put together and stylish. Adding a cardigan to a semi-formal dress code is a great way to look on point while staying warm.


Number 4 : The Mini Split Knitted Skirt with Buttons

mini-split-knitted-skirt with buttons

The Mini Split Knitted Skirt is a new addition to our winter/autumn wardrobe style arsenal and it is the easiest way to stay warm in style this season. Reinvigorate your look with one of our knitted skirts.


Number 5 : The Pure Wool Soft Knitted Scarf

Soft Wool Knitted Scarf

You've thrown on your best blouse and jeans, but one thing is missing: a scarf. No matter what the season, we have the perfect scarf to top off your outfit. The pure Wool Soft Knitted Scarf will be your best friend !


Knitwear is so versatile, from jumpers and cardigans, to skirts, dresses and jackets, along with all those accessories like gloves, hats, and the beautiful scarves that complete every look you've got all that's needed to bring to life one’s personality, men or women !

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